Optreden van Farmer te Schalsum voor bijzonder mens/fan.

(excuses voor de geluidskwaliteit)

Onze band Farmer met een live optreden bij de CD presentatie van Rob Du Jardin in 2015.

Met trots presenteert Farmer de eerste video.

The song ‘Ricordi di Bimbo’ is written in 1995 by Francesco Arriu and is a lyrical epos about two children; a young boy and a girl who became friends versus a suspicious mother who is fighting her own demons. It is a classical example of a Francesco-song performed by himself on guitar and vocals, and reinforced with the modern touch of Arjan Arriù on drums and Michel Dil on solo guitar. In the video version of the song there is a guest appearance by a renowned musician, Rob Faltin, who plays the violin in a magnificent duet with the solo guitar, thereby greatly enhancing the overall quality of the allready beautifull song.